Friday, March 22, 2013

"Supurbia #4" Plot Summary

Writer: Grace Randolph

Sovereign tells Helen that he's disappointed she's feeling guilty over Hayley's murder and tells her to take care of the mess or else he never wants to see her again. Once he leaves, Ruth the shapeshifter reveals herself to Helen, and offers to help.

Meanwhile, Agent Twilight moves in with the Jenkins.

Paul and Alexis are still getting divorced.

Sovereign says they need to rescue Batu from her tribe and Dion suggests sending Tia (Aso).

"Ruth" and Helen frame Hector for Hayley's murder.

Helen realizes that Sovereign only likes her if she's being the supervillain and is sorry because she really is trying to be better and now he seems to be dragging her down, not helping her like he was supposed to be doing.

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